Future versions:
  • Add multi-server support.
  • Integrate Hover feature in other files such as JSPs, JavaScript, XML, etc.
  • Add Jira Issue "source view" via CLT key.
  • Change "busy" cursor (add default time-out).
  • Add MORE logging.
Version 1.0.1.v200812252030 - 12/25/2008
  • Made server port optional in preference page.
  • Added timeout for all web service connections/transactions.
  • Placed default settings in file.
  • Improved performance when first activating the plug-in.
  • Changed NetworkConnectionPoller interval to every 1 minute.
  • Added more logging.
Version 1.0.0.v200812042300  - 12/04/08
  • Fixed bug - Hover Info: When First Installing & Configuring, Some Values Are Null
  • Updated README build instructions.
Version 1.0.0.v200812032045
  • Added logging.
  • Fixed escaping characters bug
  • Fixed "Hover Info Preference Page" layout.
  • Added caching & improved performance.
  • Connection exception handling.
  • Fixed Session Timeout Error
  • Updated Preference Layout.
  • Fixed Hover comments bug.
  • Improved look/layout of Hover Info.
  • Added Test button for server connection.
  • Added hyperlinks to Hover Info.
  • Added check for null project names.
  • Added expiration for cached RemoteProjects.
  • Refactored project to not use Apache Maven.
  • Refactored project and features to be just one plugin instead of multiple, separated, features.