Getting The Source Code

First, check out the source from the SVN repository:

A username and password is needed to check in/out the source code from SVN. For a SVN account, send an email to development [at]

Building With Eclipse

Building the JiraBuddy project is a breeze with the Eclipse RCP/Plugin IDE. Simply open the site.xml file in the com.puguasoft.jirabuddy.update using Eclipse's Site Manifest Editor.  Under the Site Map tab, press the Synchronize... button and then press the Finish button in the popup window to make sure the JiraBuddy environment and patch properties are copied into the site. Finally, press the Build All button.

The built com.puguasoft.jirabuddy_x.x.x.jar should now be in the com.puguasoft.jirabuddy.update/plugins directory while the feature jar will be located in the com.puguasoft.jirabuddy.update/features directory.

You're now ready to upload to your update site the following from the com.puguasoft.jirabuddy.update project:
  • features
  • plugins
  • web
  • index.html
  • site.xml